West Braes

A productive family fruit and veg garden

A productive family fruit and vegetable garden using Permaculture design principles to cope with the strong winds and low rainfall of the Scottish east coast.
The back garden has been developed from a 15m x 12m area, which was flat bare ground in 2005. The design incorporates fruit tree guilds, polycultures, perennial and naturalized self-seeding annual vegetables. To combat the drying climate, soil is kept constantly covered by mulch or vegetation and is rarely dug over. A series of paths and beds are arranged in a pleasing curved layout. Perennial vegetables are used to take advantage of specific especially shady or exposed microclimate niches. Garden infrastructure includes a composting area, a 2m x 3m toughened glass greenhouse, and an automated soaker hose irrigation system.
Another part of the garden contains a very small recently developed forest garden area. I am starting to experiment with wind and salt tolerant plants to enhance the productivity of the more exposed front garden.

How to arrange a visit: 
By arrangement
Sustainable transport options: 
Bus service from St Andrews and Edinburgh (No 95 and X60/X58). Nearest train stations are Leuchars, Kirkcaldy or Cupar
Georgina Stutchfield
1 West Braes
KY10 2PS
United Kingdom
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