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Karuna is the given name of the project - (translates as compassion). We use the term ‘Insight Design’ to describe our practice. This is a ‘spiritual’ or even ‘mystical’ approach, without being Erie fairy. It is deeply rooted in the personal history and direct experiences of the founder practitioners. We know it works as we have experienced the multifaceted results of its complex application, on numerous beneficial levels. A major aspect of the practice is devotion and what is sometimes called Kama Yoga, along with developing and unfolding our natural intuition, receptiveness and awareness of communion with nature through observation of the inner and outer…. Envisioning beauty brings up the “form” of beauty and the beautiful! Through this each practitioner comes to grow in self happiness in the moment. The outer reflection reveals to be the self’s prime form, conduct aimed at securing one’s own happiness must at the same time result in the happiness of the other. One’s own wellbeing is inextricably linked with the well-being of all. Hence the fruitful wonder of the practice intoxicates and sets one free. In words, it may sound a little profound, or strange to some even, however the ‘direct experience’, arouses the occasional dance with the reflecting particles of auriferous light, which deepens a growing interest in constant creative Insight. Leading towards beneficial change to all who enter/experience the design on whatever level. You cannot fail to be impressed in some way, by the experience - it works on the practitioner as well as the student, visitor or volunteer.
The major outcome then is the promotion of Forest Gardening and well-being, managing the land to the highest ecological standards whilst creating truly sustainable and innovative rural livelihoods that are integrated into and are an asset to the local economy and community.
A Forest Garden project specifically developed (2006) to demonstrate the benefits of truly sustainable living and land management as a way to heal ourselves, others, and the planet. Located in the immensely beautiful Shropshire Hills at 900ft on the incredible ‘Long Mynd’.
The inspirational Robert Hart, author and forest garden pioneer is among our most inspirational teachers, he pioneered his mini project less than 10 miles away. At that time we ourselves were exploring permaculture in W.Wales (Lampeter region) in a small cottage garden, which became too cramped with trees and plants, thus leading us on to a more ambitious chapter in our lives, towards the development of temperate climate forest gardening, set out on a much grander scale in order to achieve Harts vision of a working community based forest garden demonstration project.
As an educational resource and retreat, the 18 acre premise demonstrates a low carbon, organic agro-forestry land management system and lifestyle. At Karuna we have endeavored to share Hart’s vision, which happens to be a mutual vision of ours, now rippling out far and wide, carrying the work forwards into the future on a different level. Education/retreat/well-being centre presently under construction-seeking help with funding process.

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Train stations: Shrewsbury (10 miles) Church Stretton (5 miles). Bus stop: Dorrington (A49), 3 miles.
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