The Fruitful Forest Garden Nursery

Forest Garden demonstration site and Nursery (previously the Red Shed Nursery)

The Echo Earth Care site is a ScotLAND learning centre in Aberdour, Fife, where we demonstrate and teach no dig market gardening, carbon negative waste water treatment, forest gardening.  In January 2022 we had the privilege of becoming custodians of the Red Shed Nursery, Scotlands oldest and most established forest garden nursery founded by Graham Bell and Nancy Woodhead.  Not having a Red Shed ourselves we have renamed the nursery The Fruitful Forest Garden and are very excited to continue this inspiring project.  We are working with other forest gardeners such as Alan Carter to expand the range of perennial edibles, as well as seeking inspiration from forest gardeners across the globe. 
We are open to volunteers and visitors by appointment.

How to arrange a visit: 
Sustainable transport options: 
Train or bus to Aberdour. You can either walk (20 minutes,) cycle (5 minutes) or we can collect you from the train station.
Carole Egner
Echo Earth Care
United Kingdom
Type of project: 
Public (open to visitors)