Findhorn Food Forest (aka the Edible Woodland Garden) (ScotLAND Learner)

LAND Region: 
ScotlandCentral and Eastern Highlands, Moray
LAND Project Type: 
LAND Learner

A young, small food forest project intended to explore what it takes to grow food for a community. The understory fruit trees were planted in 2015.

Visiting: The garden is open to the public and you can drop by anytime you want during daylight hours and wander around. There are three information signs at the entrance that give you the basics of permaculture and an overview of the forest garden. On the back you will find information about the architecture of a forest garden, the water management system, the soil-food web.  

The Findhorn Food Forest is a demonstration project that aspires to become a forest! 

It's a small fledgling site 20 m x 30 m on the edge of the Park Ecovillage Community near Findhorn and part of the much larger Findhorn Hinterland Trust woodland conservation project.

The food forest project began in 2013 with the clearing of the land and the laying out of the terraces. Then we paused for a bit while we looked for funding to carry out the design and the implementation.  

We were fortunate to be granted funds from the Big Lottery which made it possible to implement Phase 1. We planted the understory and shrub layer in 2015 and installed a grey-water, rain-water watering system. We are working on the ground cover and herbaceous layers. 

In September 2018 began building a small outdoor learning space which can accommodate about ten people. In August 2019 we'll run a workshop to complete the learning space with an earthen rocket stove with two hobs and hot water boiler, walls, and a heated bench. The point of having this space is so people can harvest the food in the garden and cook it on site. It also provides some shelter from the ever-changing weather in Scotland. The learning space was built with wood from the surrounding woodland. 

At some point, we will provide a comprehensive plant list for you. And part of next steps is to put the names of the plants on them so when you come to the garden you can learn what's there. 

At this time we welcome visitors to come and self-learn. We can offer pre-arranged tours if you get in touch by email. We aren't set up to offer accommodation, however, you can book a room in a local B and B.

The garden is used as a classroom in a PDC and other courses run through the Findhorn College. Local children and adults participate in caring for it and we have monthly work parties on the last Saturday of each month. 


Contact Name: 
Ariane Burgess
Project start date: 
December, 2013

If visiting The Park anyway, the Hinterland is publicly accessible by foot.

Findhorn IV36 3TB
United Kingdom
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