Action West Loch

Achieve rich biodiversity in Action West Loch and a high level of wellbeing amongst its people
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Action West Loch (Tarbert, Argyll)
Based on the former Kilcalmonell Parish
MISSION -    Achieve rich biodiversity in West Loch Tarbert and a high level of wellbeing amongst its people 
Protect and restore habitats and ecosystems both on land and in water
Connect people – especially younger people and those who live around the loch - with nature and encourage them to eat locally produced food
Work with local farmers, fishermen, foresters, landowners and businesses to achieve the above
How to arrange a visit: 
In terms of helping/visits, we welcome intern applicants for 1 month minimum. The interns will stay at Ed and Carina's family home. There are shorter visit opportunities but these will be tied in to day/weekend events which will be advertised on LAND projects site. Contact Ed Tyler
Sustainable transport options: 
Contact Ed Tyler
Ed Tyler
West Loch
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Type of project: 
Regional group/network