Permaculture Scotland General Meeting and Elections

There Permaculture Scotland Annual General Meeting will be held on the 5th of June at our gathering in Coldstream (see here for information on the gathering)


Standing for election

The names and statements of those standing for election to the working group can be viewed below, further names may be added until the 30th May. If you wish to stand please email us a statement to be published here by 5pm on the 27th of May.



There will be a paper ballot if more than 9 people are standing, or if objections to those standing are recieved. If you have an objection to any of those standing please email us stating the reason for your objection, this will be read out anonymously at the SGM.

To vote in the election you must:
1. Be a member of the Permaculture Association
2. Live or Work in Scotland

If you cannot be present in person you may vote by email, post or proxy, if you wish to vote by email or post, or to nominate a proxy please contact us.

If you wish to read our full operating and election procedures they can be downloaded by clicking on the link to the right, please note these are under development. 


People Standing for election

Lusi Alderslowe

I'd like to stand again for the Permaculture Scotland Working Group. I have been volunteering for Permaculture Scotland since 2010. I helped to organise the Dunblane gathering (2010), the Glasgow gathering (2011), the Comrie Croft Festival (2013), the Urban Roots gathering (2014), and the Tombreck Gathering (2015). I have successfully applied for funding for the ScotLAND network and co-coordinated the initial project in 2012-13, and continue to coordinate it to date.

I am a permaculture teacher, diploma tutor, ScotLAND Assessor, Forest School leader, and busy mother of 2. I've been teaching permaculture since I started my diploma in 2007, which I finished in January 2010. I work with lots of different groups, and love a every new challenge. Passionate about mainstreaming permaculture education, I currently work for the Permaculture Association as Coordinator of the Children in Permaculture European partnership; other projects include Forest School sessions; gardening in Gatehouse School; teaching the Permaculture Design Course (PDC); diploma tutoring and more!

In 2016-17 I would like to progress the ScotLAND project having successfully raised funds for phase 2 from 3 different funders in 2015-16, continue to work on children's education in Scotland, and continue to inspire more people to care for the earth, care for each other and future generations, and live within the earth's natural limits.

Lesley Anderson

I completed my PDC in 2009; having lived in a tent in a wood for several years, I hoped permaculture would help me continue to live sustainably on my return to civilisation! I have completed the diploma and hope to be a diploma tutor and ScotLAND assesor. I have my own garden, volunteer at a community garden and run a group for parents/carers and children called 'Play in the Woods'. I have been involved in the working group since May 2013 undertaking admin tasks, arranging meetings and working on the new website. I wish to continue in the role, facilitating the smooth running of the group and developing the website.

Ludwig Appletans

I have been passionate about protecting and caring for the environment since I was a child. My on-going exploration of sustainable food production systems and ways of reconnecting people to their natural environment has led me to establish myself as a forest garden/permaculture designer and teacher, and nature connection mentor. I lived in a tent in the woods trying to be part of the ecosystem for 4 years, which is where I learned the most about permaculture. 

I created Earth Ways in 2007 as a response to the rapidly increasing demand for sustainable ways of living that work in collaboration with nature rather than continually fighting against it. I have many years experience of restoring natural habitats, re-introducing biodiversity, pioneering sustainable ways of growing food and harvesting bio fuels, designing permaculture projects of various sizes as well as mentoring in bushcraft, natural and survival skills.

Since 2011 I organize Permaculture Design and Nature Awareness Courses that reflects my own permaculture learning curve. From a few hours to a few months or even a whole growing season. I have set up a permaculture farm in the North of Scotland, where I’m teaching courses, grow nutrient dense food and making beautiful designs. I am taking clients for permaculture design and consultation.

I have been wanting to contribute to the Permaculture Scotland working group for a few years already. I finally decided that the time is ripe. I think I can offer quite a few things that would be really beneficial to the Scottish permaculture movement: A focus on the North of Scotland, which seems to be lacking a little; my website and fund-raising skills; my social media expertise and my organizational skills to help the permaculture movement in Scotland thrive.

Graham Bell

I have been involved in Permaculture Britain since 1986. I took my first Permaculture Design Course in 1988 and took over editing Permaculture Magazine. I taught my first Permaculture Design Course in 1990. In this year I was also one of three people given the right to issue diplomas in the UK by Bill Mollison on behalf of the Permaculture Institute. In 1990 I also received the Permaculture Service Award for my early work in developing Permaculture in Britain. Since then I have taught Permaculture in Israel and Palestine, West Africa, Iceland, Slovenia, France, Romania, Portugal, and done development work in many other countries. This autumn I will travel to Australia to teach with some of the Australian greats: Ross Mars, David Holmgren and at Geoff Lawton’s base at Zaytuna Farm.  My books The Permaculture Way and the Permaculture Garden have sold tens of thousands of copies. My articles have been printed in many publications from The Scotsman to Reforesting Scotland. With my family we have developed our home, Garden Cottage in Coldstream to be an amazing demonstration of Forest Gardening and a base from which we still teach courses today and run our plant nursery The Red Shed. I also work in a consulting role and specialise in Renewable Energy. I am an assessor for the ScotLAND project and a tutor for the Diploma. I have been Chair of the working group since the AGM in 2013. My key objective as the most senior member of the working group is to attract and develop new members to take over responsibilities in the future and to help deliver our aims and objectives as agreed at our initial meeting and develop them further.  I believe we have progressed significantly in the last year and a future task is to develop leadership skills amongst the Working Group team to ensure succession.

Annie Casey

I first read about permaculture in 2011.  In 2012 I had the opportunity to take a year out and spent most of it on growing projects in Scotland, including Skye, Newton Stewart (with Ludwig Appeltans), Coldstream (with Graham Bell) and Bute.  As a result of this I gained more knowledge of the permaculture way and decided to do the Permaculture Design Course in 2013 with Graham Bell.  Having got the bug and needing more growing space, I moved to the Scottish Borders in 2015 and with my partner, we are now working to create our own mini forest garden.  At the end of 2015 I became a member of the Scottish Permaculture Working Group and am delighted to be working to promote the permaculture ethos more widely.

Lorraine Ishak

I first heard of permaculture a decade or so ago via the magazine, however my knowledge was only cemented in 2011 whilst doing my PDC in Glasgow with Lusi Alderslowe. This has led us to manage a 15 acre small holding by permaculture ethics and principles. We are currently a land learner centre and hope to soon become part of the ScotLand network. We recently secured funding to build a childrens permaculture forest garden, which hopefully be an example of living permaculture for generations to come. I come from a background in hospital dentistry, healthcare management and african adventure travel. 


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