First Steps in Adopting Sociocracy

The Permaculture Scotland Working Group met in Dumfries to celebrate the success of the gathering in June and to learn more about sociocracy and how we can apply it to our Working Group.

We used the consent process to make descisions during our meeting, one of the descisions taken was to adopt an organisational structure of sociocratic circles, the initial design of which is illistrated below. Each circle is semi-automomus and includes 2 members who are also full participants of the higher circle. One of the great things about this structure is that people can join in a sub-group which means you don’t have to attend all of the meetings. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in helping out in any of our circles!

If you want to read more about sociocracy visit this page. Becoming familiar with the new structure and processes will be challenging at first but we hope the result will be a more effective organisation where everyone has a voice.