Projects and LAND Network

Member projects

Redacre Growing Project
A community growing project in the heart of the south pennines
Redacre Medicinal Herb Garden
A community medicinal herb garden based at the Redacre Community Growing Project.
Sol Haven Yurt at night
Sol Laug Havens C.I.C
Award winning community Farm
Garden terraces
South Trelowia Barn
Aranya's home and garden
Talbot Gardens family forest garden
The aim of the project is to grow low maintenance food and to increase biodiversity in a small urban
Tap o' Noth Permaculture
CSA Market Garden & Food Forest Farm
Hasten Slowly event at The Lions' Gate
The Lions' Gate Garden
The Lions’ Gate is an imaginative, urban, permaculture habitat based at Edinburgh Napier University
The Pod Project
The Pod Project is a community project based in Northern Ireland
community volunteer group at the Triangle Garden
Triangle Community Garden
A community garden, cultivated by people of all ages and abilities: connect, grow, enjoy!
UPLANDS (Paramaethu Sir Gar)
A 9 acre site, home also to local permaculture group