Permaculture Scotland gathering 2018 - Workshops

Here is a taster of some on the workshops on offer at this year's gathering! More details HERE 

Climate Change, Drawdown and Permaculture Solutions - Maddy Harland


Key note speaker


Buckhaven orchards and growing spaces - CLEAR

Guided tour of community growing sites and experience in a post-industrial community

Embedding Permaculture into Education - Lusi Alderslowe

This workshop will address practical ways of integrating permaculture into  education, such as playing in nature; facilitating activities to engage all the senses, hands, head and heart; helping children to make decisions based on the ethics of Earth Care People Care and Fair Share; and creating an environment which is conducive to creativity, exploration, discovery and problem-solving. Permaculture can be integrated into children’s daily routines, food choices, pedagogy and activities. Through giving examples of best practices of engaging children in permaculture we will discuss how it can greatly enhance education. 
Lusi Alderslowe is coordinator of the Children in Permaculture project for the Permaculture Association (Britain) and Gatehouse School. Lusi has been engaging children in permaculture in formal, non-formal and informal settings around Scotland for 12 years. She is an international Permaculture Educator, Forest School Leader and Human Ecologist.


Localising our textile production - Judy Martin


A short presentation on the environmental impact of industrial textile production followed by discussion of alternatives and drawing up a possible plan of action.


Fun and useful items with fleece and fibre - Judy Martin

Practical low-tech clothes and everyday items from fleece and natural fibre
Cultivatig our EDGE: collaboration for transformational change - Andy Goldring


The challenges we face are huge. We need to find ways to work together across organisations and networks if we are to have any chance of overcoming them. Andy will present some of the design work and practical action underway towards this, including work of the global Permaculture CoLab, the CTRLshift event and how the Permaculture Association is developing its strategy to better engage members and other partners. Permaculture is a big part of the solution, but not all of it. We will explore how we can work with others for an earth care, people care, fair shares future.


Abundance from Small Spaces - Graham Bell


How can you get twice as much from your land as Chemical Farmers with little effort and great other outputs for friends and family?


Identifying our priorities for influencing national policy makers - Carole Egner &  Judy Martin


A world cafe session to prioritise and identify issues of concern in public policy eg. food security, built environment, education.  We will look at how we can best promote a permaculture perspective.

Reed bed water filtration systems - Patrick Bowden-Smith
We will look at working landscape size reedbed filtration systems that remove
 both agrinutrients and livestock runoff from pasture and surrounding land. The filtration beds are multi purpose and are used as habitat for wildlife, landscape features and bases for bird ringing research. There are also regular student projects taking place covering everything form flooding to chemistry.
Self Care, mapping our inner world - Priya Logan


Identify and map the various sectors and areas in our lives to outline where we are emotionally and catch leaks of energy and attention. I hope to give a toolkit to use permaculture principles to encompass people and self care and enable us to make changes in subtle ways to increase wellbeing and self understanding. 

Sustainable finance - Lil


Attitudes to money - why do we find it so hard to talk about our finances? What is money and how can we use it to reshape our future? The relationship between debt and sustainability, money creation and tax. Looking at debt/finance from historical and multicultural perspectives and exploring alternative economic models.


Joimove Joyfulness Dance Session - Dr Ali Baker


Using movement to feel good! A little Salsa, Belly, Ballet, Rock n Roll, Boogie and Swing. Some props and some fun!


Sowing for success - Bonnie Maggio
Sowing for success - A practical workshop on seed sowing and watering to optimise success (and minimize waste and effort). We will cover sowing medium, containers, seeds, labeling, and watering. 
Hand in Hand Parenting: How Listening to Your Child's Difficult Feelings Changes Everything - Louise Durrant

We will be exploring the connection based approach of Hand in Hand Parenting: why connection is an essential (scientifically proven) need of all children, how children deal with broken connection, and how we can help them to heal and reconnect by listening through their big feelings. Hand in Hand offers four simple yet powerful listening tools that all parents can use with their children (as well as a parent-to-parent listening support tool) to help transform difficult family dynamics and restore warmth, joy and laughter to the vital work of parenting. In this workshop we will cover a couple of listening tools that you will be able to take home and use right away with your child. 


Seaweed in Fife - Jayson Byles

I want to talk about harvesting seaweed sustainably and balancing that with working for a commercial enterprise. I will have samples of seaweed and information on the many personal and environmental benefits of mindfully using this abundant crop. 


Plan de Vida and Permaculture - Serge Marti
An introduction to the Plan de Vida, an exceptional indigenous approach for communities to re-envision and take control of their futures. Pioneered by the Misak in the 1980s, this approach has been adopted by hundreds of indigenous peoples and communities across South America and beyond. The workshop will offer insights on rebuilding community, reclaiming cultural identity, and collective visioning, and an opportunity to reflect on the synergies between Plan de Vida, permaculture, and Scotland’s community empowerment and land rights movements.

Pallet Furniture making - Patrick BS


Hands on experience building furniture from pallets
Pass it on - Peg looming - Tansy Torkington Opportunity to try a peg loom and then to pass on your new learning as well.
Plants that heal - Permaculture your family medicine cabinet! - Anna Kinross

 A discussion looking at local and seasonal plant remedies;  tips on gathering and using wild plants for food and medicine, some useful multi-function garden plants, easy recipes, and some pointers to resources.  For anyone interested in more sustainable and earth-friendly health and self-care strategies. 


West Braes Permaculture Garden Visit - Georgina Stutchfield
West Braes is a registered ScotLAND permaculture demonstration site in Pittenweem, about 10 miles south of St Andrews on the Fife coast.
It is a small back garden, where I grow fruit, vegetables and other useful plants. The design incorporates fruit tree guilds, polycultures, perennial and naturalized self-seeding annual vegetables. Another part of the garden contains a very small recently developed forest garden area.
Spinning natural fibres - Sheila MacIsaac

Hand spinning wool. flax. hemp. alpaca, silk, angora, yak, etc. Mostly with spinning wheel but also spindles for group to try. Will include  rare breed indigenous sheep fleeces.


Growing sustainability in permaculture? Reflecting on local to global principles and practices of sustainable development  - Rehema White

Permaculture has developed into a way of thinking and way of acting for the future. In this sense it aligns well with notions of sustainable development, which offers different ways of conceptualising the world and alternative ways of living in order to achieve visions of healthy, just societies living within environmental limits. In this participatory workshop we will use activities and discussion to reflect on principles and practices of sustainability and possible implications for permaculture – and for sustainable development. We will move beyond the now shaky 3 legged stool to the IUCN egg of wellbeing and the Oxfam doughnut models! The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals were developed after input from 7 million people and a strong grassroots lobby – how might we engage with them at personal, local, national and international levels? 


Connecting with the Earth: A Guided Meditation - Jennifer Roy
A 40-45 guided meditation; incorporating breathing techniques and a series of visualizations, I will guide participants on a journey of inner exploration to find your deepest connection with earth, with one another, will all creatures, and with self. Guided meditation can help
As this is a long meditation, most participants may prefer to take part lying down. This provides the greatest level of comfort and least distractions for all. Therefore, attendees may wish to bring a blanket and/or yoga mat to the session. Eye pillows will be available to purchase for only £4 - with £1 from the sale of each to be donated to Permaculture Scotland 
An intro to foraging - Tony Wilson

A guided walk around the site to learn what's safe to eat in the hedgerow and woodland.


‘Up close and Personal’ creating a spiritual alliance with your garden and plants - Dhyana Huggins
I will be defining spiritual practice in the context of a permaculture garden or model and sharing information about the benefits and how to create the spiritual practice. I will share ways to connect on a deeper level to land, tree and plant spirits.  I will illuminate how the practice benefits can be felt and realised to create a working partnership between the gardener and the whole by connecting with the unseen on a deeper level. I will share how these practices can bring us closer to finding positive ways to conservation of our precious natural Earth.
PG Tips from a GP - Richard Bowditch

Open garden, discussion, questions & answers guided by the visitors. An example of a permaculture garden enriching family life 


Soil fertility and sustainability - practical solutions - Gihan Soliman, PGCE, MSc

This is a hands-on workshop to explain the dynamics of a healthy soil and learn how to sustain a living fertile soil using a combination of plant rotation, mycorrhizal fungi and earthworms. The learners will learn how to deal with earthworm whether in soil or in compost heap. 


Climate Change Adaptation in Permaculture - David Stutchfield

Adaptation Scotland produces information for communities about how they should start thinking about adapting to climate changes in the short and long term. How should Permaculture designs begin to incorporate these ideas?


Reducing Plastic Use In Permaculture Homes & Gardens - Elizabeth Waddington This talk will discuss ways in which we can reduce plastic waste through permaculture practice in our homes and gardens.
What Are The PA Trustees For? - Graham Wood
Basic structure of the PA as a charity and trading company.
Legal obligations of charity and governance roles. How trustees influence the Aims and Strategic direction of the PA. Share some key strategic ideas - current and proposed. So who are the PA board of trustees and could you become one? Experience of a newly co-opted board member. Your chance to pass thoughts and ideas back to the PA board and CEO.

Nettle Feast with Gaelic Pudding - Roisin Lyle-Collins


We shall cook a nettle haggis on the fire and dabble in gaelic plant names for common forgeable species of this time of year. 

Building Human Habitats; the future of eco-building - Tom Morton

Can we find a natural way to build in the 21st Century? How can the activity of building places help us reinforce our humanity while rediscovering our place as animals in the global environment. We'll share our experience of recent projects and discuss the opportunities, challenges and vision.


Permaculture Design; seeing things differently - Angus Soutar


This will be a discussion about the experience of looking at systems and producing designs. Anyone involved in producing any form of design (not just permaculture designs) should be able to join in and contribute. The agenda is fairly open, some areas we could discuss would include, for example, dealing with complexity and confusion, the peculiar sense of ""Vuja De"", the importance of un-learning, and some ""distractions"" to progress with Permaculture. Angus Soutar is a permaculture designer and Principal at The Northern School of Permaculture.
Stomp - Lil

This will be a drumming/percussion workshop building towards performing a short piece of music. On the way there'll be some vocalising, a little singing, an experiment with pulse rates, giving everyone the chance to lead the group and maybe some improvising of soundscapes. The main thing is to come armed with something loud to bash.


Scotland's Permaculture Action Plan - Finn Weddle
Join this discussion about developing permaculture in meaningful ways across Scotland.
This session will be openly facilitated by Finn, who currently co-ordinates part of the ScotLAND Project. The question he is asking, ultimately,  is ""If we had a six-figure sum, a team of kick-ass volunteers and staff and 3-5 years, what would you want to see happen?
We are coming to a new phase of permaculture in Scotland. Our LAND Project has doubled in size in the last two years; in this time some gaps in the infrastructure have already been noted, but undoubtedly others have slipped through the gaps.
One persistent issue is having funding. It is a great resource to be tapped, but entirely unsustainable - what infrastructure could we put in place within a few years to make the Scottish Permaculture Action Plan self-sustaining?"