Living permaculture Online

Online permaculture learning for people ages -12
Living Permaculture in collaboration with the Home Ed Institute

Our project is currently based in online learning to make it as accessable to as many young people as possible. The courses started duning lock down no1 in the UK to provide some permaculture inspiration, learning, connection with other humans and nature connection during isolating times. Since lockdown has lifted we are still providing the same to any young person anywhere with internet connection which has included people who might not have been able to socialise widely because of caring for someone at home (we ran a fully funded course for young carers in the calder valley) It has also included people experiencing SEND, social anxiety, people living abroad, people in remote areas without access to much social activity and every now and then people in another covid lock down.
Our course was particularly important during covid because it helped isolated families connect with other families over a subect they were passionate about.
There have been a few occasions over the level 1 course where children have really bouonced off each other over a particular suject and we have been able to safely facilitate them getting in touch to form friendships outside of the course.
We have been lucky enought to work with Zee who has been profoundly deaf since birth and therefore is excellent at sign language. He taught our whole class how to sign their names, greetings and the words to the water cycle song we sing. Thanks to Zee some of these signs are now an integral part of every course.
It is important that our sessions are as close to face to face learning as possible so it's kept informal and fun, we include plenty of chats and games which increases the chances of bonds and community forming.
Living permaculture online is working collaboratively with the famntastic Home Ed Institute who provide vocational skills learning for young people.
From 2022 there will be a Living Permaculture touring kids space and some local land based projects on the go- watch this space!

How to arrange a visit: 
As we are online we don't have a place to visit currently but in future we hope to develop land based projects that anyone would be welcome to visit
Hayley Needs
Toplands Counrty Buisness park
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