The Lions Gate (ScotLAND Learner)

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Interactive permaculture gardens and outdoor labs.

About the project
Detailed Description: 
The Lions Gate is a new urban permaculture project initiated and supported by the School of Computing and the Estates Department of Edinburgh Napier University at Merchiston Campus. The project has been set up to explore how permaculture and digital interaction, can be blended in ways that:
  • foster reflection on the interconnectedness of healthy eco-systems
  • generate research into humankind’s relationship with nature
  • through natural philosophical narratives linking technology and nature, and via an ancient-futures perspective (Norberg-Hodge) - develop inspiring, playful, empirical, sustainable actions and experiences that benefit mind, body and the environment.
Still in it's early stages The Lions Gate is developing the following:
a rooftop kitchen allotment
a digital bothy
an orchard
a food forest
sensory garden
social spaces
performance spaces
off-grid digital systems
renewables systems
circular economies
augmented reality interpretations of permaculture
accessible pathways
and much more
We've developed a volunteer policy and are ready to welcome participants.
We're also keen to seek research projects from diverse fields and make connections with projects from around the world.
At present we work on Mondays and Thursdays but as the days lengthen other times to get involved will be offered.
Project Detailed Information
We intend to look at all areas of activity; building, water harvesting, growing, renewables, digital, social systems etc.
Areas of Activity: 
Built EnvironmentSettlement types and designLow impact development
Number of people involved: 
We use permaculture principles and ethics to guide the development of all components of the gardens.
Number of people text: 
We've been working with volunteers, undergraduate and masters students, local businesses, groups and charities. We're also supported by the university's mind, body and environment committee. We're always looking to integrate people where we can.
Project Contact Details
Contact Name: 
Callum Egan
Telephone number: 
Project Dates
October, 2016
Online links
The Lions Gate in development
Edinburgh Napier University 10 Colinton Road
Edinburgh EH10 5DT
United Kingdom