Grass Roots Remedies Co-operative (ScotLAND Learner)

A Scottish workers co-op celebrating the medicine of the people
selection of herbal remedies

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Grass Roots Remedies Co-op is a Workers’ Co-operative based in Edinburgh, working to rekindle our rich tradition of herbal community healthcare and promote ecologically responsible herbalism.
We are an Edinburgh based herbal medicine workers’ co-operative whose central philosophy is that herbal medicine is the medicine of the people and should be accessible to everyone, and practised in an ecologically responsible way. We offer a series of practical courses and workshops, run the low cost Wester Hailes Community Herbal Medicine Clinic, a private clinic in Granton, the Blackford Glen Medicine Garden, and produce simple resources to enable folks to practice herbalism at home.
Since 2015 we have been running a community wide project in Wester Hailes, South West Edinburgh - we run a weekly herbal clinic in an integrated NHS & Edinburgh Council Health Centre, and alongside the clinic offer free workshops on foraging, herb growing & medicine making. From spring 2018 we have been running our Communitea project - a multi-site satellite approach to growing medicinal herbs on a community scale to be turned into herbal tea blends for distribution across the neighbourhood.
We are aiming to 'close the circle' with our medicine  - produce the medicine in the community for use by the community. Our work hopes to be an example of social & ecological permaculture principles in action on a community scale.

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Contact us on [email protected]
Ally Hurcikova
Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre, 30 Harvesters' Way
United Kingdom
Community Herbalism in Wester Hailes
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Charity / Social Enterprise
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