Earthworm Housing Coop

Rural co-operative housing project with 3 buildings and 7 acres of land
While Earthworm Housing Co-operative does not define itself as a permaculture project, some of us use permaculture thinking to inform our development of the land, buildings and social set up. Particular features that demonstrate our approach include 
Land development 
    • Overall zoning of the land, mapped as it has changed since 2011
    • Meadow management (with scythes)
    • small scale coppicing (hand tools)
    • Ecological water treatment in ponds (WET system) 
    • Orchards and polyculture guilds
    • Zone 1/2 herb and flower polycultures
    • Community involvement in a local cider scheme
Building and organisation development
    • Renovation and Business plan
    • Restoration of historic features
    • wood fuel central heating system
    • mixed model co-housing (shared house, family and individual units)
    • co-operative, non-hierarchical decision making
How to arrange a visit: 
We host open days. People can also take a chance and enquire by email.
Sustainable transport options: 
There are several busses from Ludlow to Leintwardine, and there are train stations within cyclable 3, 4 or 7 miles of our site. Ludlow has direct trains from Manchester, Cardiff and North Wales.