Belper Permaculture group allotment

A group allotment designed with permaculture principles. No dig veg beds, compost bays, pond + more.
Belper group allotment
Belper Permaculture Network took on an allotment plot as a group of 5 households in Feburary 2020. There were no existing structures, one unhappy self-set cherry tree and it was a bog, which then dried out to a crisp by May... an exciting design challenge for water management! After 6 months of working separately-together during the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, we had observed where best to place elements of the allotment. We decided by consent how to develop ideas and now have 6 annuals beds, 2 hot composting bays, a nursery bed, herb and fruit bed, edible shrubs border, a perennial guild area, new native hedge, a wildlife pond and 2 sheds! The Edges The edge between the annual vegetable beds and hedgerow is turning into a diverse place. A social and play space is underway; kept weedfree using cardboard with woodchip on top. To the right is where perennial guilds will be planted - with fruit and nut trees, herbs, flowers, and perennial vegetables, using the vertical space and plants with different nutrient needs, to grow in harmony. An umbrella project of Transition Belper.
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Bus stops nearby, Belper train station 2+ miles away.
Ryan Sandford-Blackburn
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Tour June 2020