Brake the Cycle | Explore Evia | 1st - 9th Sept 2018

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The Greek islands are the ideal destination for the cycle tourist with quiet roads, hills and beaches offering a magical combination of sun, sand and cycling. The Brake the Cycle Evia odyssey will be an opportunity to explore a different Greece at the edge of rapid economic change and creative resilience.

The economic crisis in Greece saw a large number of grassroots movements springing up and interest in alternative way of livings. This has led to a number of groups to form together, building their own homes, educating their own children and growing their own food. Many have coalesced in north Evia due to its natural beauty, pristine coast land and impressive biodiversity. Brake the Cycle will visit these projects to learn more.

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Joe Reid
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Saturday, 1 September, 2018 to Sunday, 9 September, 2018
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Brake the Cycle | Explore Evia | 1st - 9th Sept 2018
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