Get involved in ScotLAND

Visiting ScotLAND Centres and Learners 
Have a look at the evolving map and find a list of ScotLAND Learners and Centres here. Read the descriptions and make contact directly. They all welcome visitors and have good facilities and have helpful resources for you to understand what you see and experience on your visit. 

<<<  Exciting News!  - We are planning to re-energise and expand the LAND network by building a new broader reaching Projects and LAND Network.  We would like to invite you to add your projects to the new map here (opens new window).  We'll also be making announcements soon about the new shape of Projects and LAND things to come! >>>
Volunteer on the LAND Advisory Group
When all the ScotLAND assessors, apprentices and working group met up in January 2013, we decided that final decisions about projects' status (LAND Centre or LAND Learner) should be made by the Britain-wide LAND Advisory Group, which should include a representative who lives in Scotland.
We are looking for a Scottish resident to join the LAND Advisory Group to help make final decisions about whether a project should be a LAND Centre of Learner. We are looking for someone with lots of experience of permaculture in different projects. If you are interested, please check out the job description below.
Job Description LAND Advisory Group
Apply to Become a ScotLAND Learner or Centre
If you would like to apply for ScotLAND Learner or Centre status please read through the ScotLAND Guide and have a look at the ScotLAND application Flow Chart to learn more. Anyone who lives in Scotland with a permaculture project can apply. If you think you are ready to apply, please fill in the application form. Send any queries to: [email protected].