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The Agroforestry System, also known as Syntropic Agroforestry, was developed by Ernst Götsch and it is today one of the most viable planting techniques regarding environmental, economic and social practices. The planting is done synchronously with agricultural (vegetables & fruit) and forest species. This planting system is inspired by the way forests develop.High density and diversity plantations can only be possible though the use of short, medium and long life cycled species occupying all forest strata (low, medium, high and emergent). Increasingly productive agriculture plantations will be possible by following the stated principles, where sun light and hydric resources are optimised.
During the workshop in Spain you will get the chance to learn directly from one of Ernst Goetsch best long term students and collaborator in over 20 Syntropic Agroforestry workshops. We will get theoretical and practical insights from Namaste Messerschmidts vast experience in Syntropic Agriculture. We also will work together during the course on a Syntropic Agroforestry System for the Temperate Climate context.
About the facilitator:
The Agroforestry consultant, Namastê Messerschmidt, has technical and practical experience in implementation and handling of Syntropic Agrofestry Systems. Namastê has been following Ernst Götsch’s steps for over 18 years and applies on a daily basis Ernst’s teachings as an introductory and advanced Syntropic Agriculture course instructor.He has taught over 20 course together with Ernst Goetsch.Namastê has been supporting valuable projects in Brasil such as:
- Cooperfloresta and Mário Lago’s settlement through content writing and consultancy work.
- Author of Projecto Agroflorestar’s publications such as the book and several flyers.
- Works as a consultant at OCA’s Institute and Fazenda da Toca.

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300-350 Euro
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22 June 2018
24 June 2018
Namaste Messerschmidt
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