Introduction to Holistic Context/Decision Making in Spain - 150 euro only!

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The majority of the regenerative entrepreneurs get burnt out not because they lack passion or dedication, but because they get exhausted due to the lack of a context and planning to make better decisions. The articulation of a Holistic Context is a powerful tool that allow us to do help us overcome these challenges. Allan Savory's Holistic Management is a decision making platform that is revolutionising regenerative enterprises world over.
Participants will learn:
How to define their 'Whole Under Management',
How to articulate a Holistic Context to guide their decision making process,
How to articulate a Declaration of Purpose to guide their project, organisation or business,
How to articulate Quality of Life Statements so that you do not have to compromise your health and time with family and friends when making business decisions,
How to define Forms of Production to support your Declaration of Purpose and Quality of Life Statements while you develop your project, organisation or business,
How to establish indicators to guarantee that your Resource Base grows abundant while providing your Forms of Production,
Which investments (in terms of time and resource) to prioritise in order to better support your business,
How to unashamedly say 'no' to new and interesting projects when they don't bring you closer to your defined Context.
Holistic Management was developed by the environmentalist, farmer and consultant Allan Savory as a tool to assure that the decisions made are financially viable, ecologically restorative and socially just. Initially developed to help farmers fight land desertification processes caused by bad management, today this platform is used by NGOs, government departments and ecofriendly businesses world over
lead by:
Eurico Vianna, PhD, is an author, social activist, environmentalist and martial-artist driven to create a better world through everything he

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150-200 euro
Dates and times
11 October 2018
12 October 2018
Eurico Vianna
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