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While each course can be taken independently, this is an opportunity to have a deep, comprehensive and hands-on learning experience with a combined course approach that provides the foundational learning in permaculture and regenerative design, paired with a 5 week hands-on permaculture application, with additional hours for advanced design practice and learning.
This is a special opportunity to gain hands on experience implementing Permaculture systems under the guidance of experienced and internationally active Permaculture Designer Rico Zook and Roman Eisenkoelbl. For over one month we will live as a community designing, implementing and learning about the many different regenerative systems that are part of a functioning and productive holistic farm ecosystem. This is an in depth opportunity to live and work on a developing permaculture farm in the beautiful Pyrenees north of Barcelona Spain.
The Can Lliure Project is in its pioneer phase and this gives us the incredible experience of real life hands-on practical Permaculture Learning in the field, mentored and guided by professionals.
Ecological Beekeeping,
Ecological Mushroom Production,
Forest Health and Management,
Fire and Disaster Preparedness,
Establishing and designing of regenerative Agroecosystems,
Market Garden Design and Layout,
Intro to Syntropic Agroforestry and Forest Garden Systems,
Edible Landscaping,
Animal Integration into Production Landscapes
Water: mineral, resource, living, precious and political
The watershed perspective
Patterning in water and earthworks
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1750 Euro
Dates and times
21 April 2019 to 25 May 2019
Rico Zook,Roman Eisenkoelbl plus Guest Speakers
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