Scotland Research Project

Hello! My name is Julie, I am a History student, interested in food related issues and in ways to make our future more sustainable.

Last year, I was lucky to participate in a university exchange programme between my university in Toulouse, France, and the University of Glasgow, where I discovered the richness of Scottish culture and all the existing grassroot initiatives.

After I graduated last year, I decided to take a year off in order to travel, to take part in interesting projects and to learn more about permaculture and conduct some research here in Scotland on this subject.

In April I will be starting a new, exciting project for the Permaculture Association in Scotland, investigating the relationship between permaculture activists’ worldviews and practices, as well as their own journey into permaculture.

I am therefore looking for people among the ScotLAND network interested in this project and who would like to be interviewed. It would be more than ideal for me if I could be hosted in some of the ScotLAND centres for a week or two, helping in the garden and doing interviews.

Themes I am particularly interested in are:
- differences and similarities of worldviews and opinions amongst the permaculture community
-  the shaping of ideals into concrete practices
-  differences and similarities in defining permaculture as a concept and a social movement
-  specificities of the Scottish community, permaculture as a mean of resistance or as an individual experience
-…. and anything related to your personal experience of permaculture!

If you think you could be of any help and are able to host me, please get in touch at the following email address before the 21st of March: [email protected].

I will be traveling across Scotland in April and May 2017 and would love to hear about your stories, as well as help in the garden. I hope to hear from you soon!

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