Apply to host a PDC in Scotland


As part of the ​Scot​LAND​ Project​, we have recently been successful in sourcing funding to support a full Permaculture Design Course to take place in the Highlands and Islands in 2019, the first of its kind to take place in this area of the UK for many years. We give our thanks to both Pebble Trust and Robertson Trust, who make this opportunity possible through their financial support.

We are now looking for both venues and tutors who can, respectively, host and deliver this landmark offering. We have created an Application Pack for you; download, read over and submit to us by 22 January 2019 if you would like to be considered.

What we are offering

We have £2,500 to support the delivery of a ​Permaculture Design Course​, all of which will be available to the successful applicant. We also have one part-time co-ordinator, the Scot​ LAND​ Project Officer, and a small team of volunteers who are dedicated to the vision of a more vibrant and resilient Scotland through permaculture. They will provide you with support throughout your application process and with organising the course itself.

The details of the course finances will be decided in ongoing conversations between the Project Officer, tutor(s) and course host to ensure that everyone is getting a fair deal each step along the way. The only restrictions placed on the funds is that they cannot be spent in a way which benefits either the hosts or the tutors above and beyond an ordinary PDC offering.


The deadline for submission is the same for tutors and host groups alike. Because of the quick turnaround from choosing the successful applicant to organising the course, we have to enforce a hard deadline - submissions after this time will not be considered, sorry.

The deadline for submissions is 9am on Tuesday 22 January 2019.


To be eligible to host, your venue(s) and community groups must sit within the Highlands & Islands Enterprise Area​, shown in blue on the map.

To be eligible to teach, at least one in your team of tutors must be listed on the Certifying Teachers Register​.

Catch and Store Energy

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to reward everyone’s efforts in applying. However, please don’t be disheartened by an unsuccessful application: all of the energy and time put into creating your application can, and will, be put to good use! The Scot​LAND​ Project Officer will reach out to each applicant individually, after the decision has been made, to let them know what next steps can be taken to support more permaculture education in your area.

Apply now!

Please direct any queries to the ScotLAND Project Officer, Finn, at scotlandworker[at]

Apply now!