About Permaculture Scotland

About Permaculture Scotland

The development of Permaculture Scotland as a group is guided by the Permaculture Scotland Working Group.  (PSWG) This committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting and membership is open to anyone living in Scotland who is a member of The Permaculture Association Britain.


PSWG is one of several working groups of the Britain wide organisation.  It can also co-opt members in between AGM’s up to a maximum of nine people.  In practice it often works better to bring people on board out with the working group as supporting workers. PSWG has recently adopted a Sociocratic structure which we hope will make it easier for people to get involved.  PSWG meets about every six weeks digitally and twice a year in person.  Membership is voluntary and unpaid.  Over time we hope to develop income streams to enable a light but adequately funded organisation.


Permaculture has had an active body in Scotland since 1988, and has built slowly over the years as the ideas have spread and been more widely accepted.   Adherents are in the hundreds, but actual paid up members fluctuates from time to time.  

We welcome new members and are keen to build local groupings where we can all support each other.  Do get in touch HERE if we can help.

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